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'I work with various media, flitting between illustrative drawing and pure abstract painting.  

Each painting is the result of many layers, some are concealed, others graspable. 

Weaving various imagery, I interlock colour and form, creating something tangible from memories, imaginings and myth.'

My art and designs are inspired by the natural world and Celtic and Pagan mythology.  At my home studio I weave folkloric symbolism with native flora and fauna in my creations, which include paintings, prints and stationery.


I am located in the South Wales Valleys, near the Brecon Beacons National Park. The scenery is diverse and beautiful throughout all of the seasons.  I enjoy walking the hills and coastline of Wales and it is here that I find my inspiration, immersing myself in the landscape, trying to gain a deeper understanding of my homeland. 


We have a word in Welsh, Hiraeth, which translates as a deep longing, or nostalgia for a place or time that is irretrievably lost to you. Creating allows me to soothe the hiraeth, to resurrect times and places through memory and myth.

Find more of my work at the following sites:

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